All About Sookie St. James, the Most Accident-Prone Chef in Stars Hollow!

Sookie St. James works with Lorelai at Independence Inn. She is a chef there. Her cooking is apparently amazing. In the pilot, she perfected her peach sauce. Lorelai wanted to take a bath in it.
There's no accounting for taste, Lorelai.
Sookie seems very involved in the Gilmore girls' lives. She also is involved with her produce man, Jackson. They really like each other! Here's a further list of things about Sookie and her career at the inn:

Sookie went out on a date with Jackson. She really likes Jackson. Sookie is Lorelai's best friend, so Lorelai set up the date with Jackson as a favor to Sookie. They are good friends. Sookie is kind of Lorelai's Lane. Because Lorelai doesn't have Lane - Rory does - Sookie is her very best friend.

Above: Lorelai and Sookie in "friend" mode.

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